Dried Texas Tallowberries
Fresh Picked For the 2014 Holiday Season! Tallow Berries. $7.95/Bunch

Each bunch contains 30+ stems. Shipping cost is $6.25 for the first bunch and $.89 for each additional bunch purchased. Order now, tallow berries are seasonal, available starting around mid-August and throughout the holidays. Get yours while supplies last!

**Decorative ribbon is not included.

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Bring picturesque beauty to your wedding or holiday season with Texas tallow berries. They can be used in a countless number of ways. The bunches can be used as simple bridesmaids bouquets or arranged as a centerpiece to add a bit of rustic charm to table displays. Tallow berries are also widely used during the holidays in wreaths, centerpiece arrangements and holiday decor.

All of our tallow berries are fresh, hand picked and dried in a completely smoke-free environment. Each bunch contains at least thirty (30) stems.

To place an order, simply click here and fill out the order form or call us direct at 0

** Tallow berries are seasonal and are only available while supplies last.


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